Thursday, 14 May 2015

goblin decks in magic

I love magic the gathering, not ashamed to admit its one of the best games I've ever played and those that know me know I've got a particular affinity for goblins...

...for me there is nothing that embodies the fun and speed of magic more than goblin cards and goblin decks, the great art, the fact that they are mana cheap and weak but work so well together its just so much fun to play them,

im gonna go through one of my goblin decks here and show what im going on about

my goblin deck:

goblin guide

Goblin Guide

a turn one 2-2 with haste for 1 mana!!! forget that he allows the opponent (and you)to see the top card of their library, who cares!!

next is

legion loyalist

Legion Loyalist
this hasty little guy helps so much its a great turn 1 card and works brilliantly with sorcery's like krenko's command or dragon fodder to take out opponents small early creatures.

krenko mob boss

Krenko, Mob Boss

this guy is just awesome , he's a late game player in this deck being 4 mana as its a pure speed deck which works very well on only 3 mana, usually when he arrives I've already got quite a few goblins on the table and he works extremely well with....

goblin chieftain

Goblin Chieftain

this guy is awesome and one of the linchpins of the deck, not only does he give every goblin that comes in haste (tap Krenko when he arrives!!!) but also a +1/+1, just don't EVER block with him unless you want to lose the buff,

The remainder of the deck is mostly 1-1 goblins with a few instant spells that give a big boost to multiple goblins and my particular favorite...

door of destinies

Door of Destinies

a creature type is goblins thats any goblin!! and when it comes in the counters are put on door of destinies and stay on the door so every goblin gets a +1/+1 for every goblin that was played including itself!!
If this card comes in with krenko, goblin chieftain and legion loyalist in play thats an insane amount of high power/toughness creatures with trample haste and first strike!!

Example play:

I've got the loyalist, chieftain, 3 random 1-1 goblins the door of destinies in play and 4 mountains out.

I play Krenko for 4 mana and tap him immediately and put 6 1-1 goblin tokens (with haste and a +1/+1 thanks to the chieftain) into play, that's 7 goblins played this turn, 7 counters on on the door and each goblin has a +8/+8 and they all have first strike and trample thanks to the loyalist,

pretty good yes?

thats all..

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Terrain log part 1

Hello I've decided to start a terrain log for my ongoing projects so here goes....

I've been building terrain for years, first out of cardboard, or the paper templates they used to include in the White dwarf many moons ago. 

 I built mountains and hills from chicken wire and paper mâché, ruins from the styrofoam packaging that all games workshops model sets came in, painstakingly glued cardboard to all the surfaces to make them smooth...

And now I've found this..

Foamcore is a foam sheet with a layer of paper on both sides and unlike styrofoam (balls!!) it has a much finer texture and it much better to cut and paint.

The main advantage which you will see in the following images is that the paper layer can be removed when required and details can be carved into the foam to create textures like bricks and battle damage.

Sections of the paper have been removed and a brick effect has been carved into the foam underneath..

The sides of the building where cut and the windows and doorways marked out as whole square pieces, the wall was then cut at an angle to give it that collapsed look..

...The cut off triangular sections were used to create the floors 
And finally the whole model was glued to a piece of hard board.

Hope you like them

I'll be back to show the painted version soon.

First post

This is my first post,

I will be using this blog as a project log and to put my ideas out there for anyone who has a vague interest in what I'm up to. 

I've been a gamer on and off for the last 22 years and have finally got to a place in my life where I am finally able to take on bigger projects and chase certain dreams  I've had for a while, 

So let's go.....