Wednesday, 16 March 2016

X wing repaints part 2

I've done more work on my scum and villainy fleet, 

My triple 6 houndstooth...

Decided to paint my triple 6 staying with my red scheme and couldn't resist painting a big toothy mouth on it...

Still a bit more work to do on it but I'm happy with how the mouth turned out.

That's if for now will update when I do more to the model but right now I'm off out to play x wing!!


I'm really pleased to have pictures of my dunecrawler on natfka

Though I did send them so it's not a surprise, still I'm really happy to get something out there.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Repainting x-wing models

x-wing repaints..

x wing is my new favorite game and while I started with Imperials I have recently started playing scum and villainy,

From the first scum ship that I bought something has always been in the back of my mind and that's the colour scheme of the various ships, Now with Imperials and Rebels they come with the scheme from the movies so its pretty fixed in my mind that they are the "proper" colour but with these new ships it seems a great opportunity to give them a uniform colour scheme.

With that in mind I thought where do I start? I don't want to ruin a ship that I use often with a bad paint job so which ship to use?...  

..enter the beautiful, much maligned and rarely used Starviper! (otherwise known as the imperial interceptor upgrade pack).

not only is this little used ship very pretty it also has a nice size and shape that will be easy to paint so here goes..

I painted the whole ship except for the weapons Vallejo fire red, I use model air as it is pre-thinned so coats very well but does require multiple coats.

..I then painted the guns, pipework and wing tips Vallejo gunmetal. The black windows and panels were repainted with GW Abaddon black and a couple of panels were painted a couple of thin coats of Yriel yellow.

Note... I will probably use a darker yellow like Averland sunset on any yellow parts next time as I intend to repaint the panels Yriel the darker base colour usually works better as an undercoat to Yriel.

I then gave the whole model a healthy coat of agrax earthshade.

I then highlighted the black panels with codex grey and repainted the open red and yellow areas ensuring to avoid the lines and dotted the lights with moot green. I also painted the raised areas on the guns with leadbelcher. 

...I then highlighted all the red panels and edges with wild rider red and used a sponge to dapple the whole model with I tiny amount of leadbelcher. I then used a fine brush to add scrapes and scratches with more leadbelcher. 

That's all for now 

I think next time I will slightly change the order of painting and also use a darker yellow as a base before painting the tried yellow but apart from that I'm quite happy. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Skitarii painting project. Skitarii vanguard

I've decided to post a stage by stage guide to how I paint my skitarii vanguard

I start with a white undercoat and then give the trenchcoat areas a light spray of Vallejo yellow.

I then paint the leggings red and the inside of the trenchcoat bone

All the metallic areas, gun bits, pipes and tubes are then painted leadbelcher. I then paint the gun stock mournfang brown. some areas of armour pipes and the gun are painted hashut bronze. I then paint the "energy" areas of the gun pieces lothern blue.

I give the whole model a healthy wash of agrax earth shade..

I paint all the raised areas of the model with the same base colours ensuring to leave the darker cracks and crevices unpainted. I paint the raised areas of the cloak yuriel yellow.

I paint the base doombull brown

I then sponge the metal areas with doombull to dull them down and paint the admech symbol in the chest black and white and thickly coat the base with Martian ironearth..

The finished model..

Till next time...

Skitarii painting project. Dominus

I've been working today on my cult mechanicus dominus from the skitarii army box still some detailing to do but I'm happy with the results.


I've been using the Martian ironearth from games workshops technical range and I'm over the moon with the results! It is dead easy to use and looks amazing!!

Dominus base with Martian ironearth before drying...

And after drying..

It's really great stuff and dries to look exactly like parched earth. 

Hope you like it...

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Skitarii project

Hello again, 

It's been a while since I posted as I've been busy with work, gaming and crashing head first into x-wing...

I haven't done any painting for a while and my terrain project is currently sitting in a box in the attic!! A pretty poor state of affairs but as usual winter is a quiet time for me and while attending PAW2016's 40k tournament in February the skitarii starter set caught my eye.

      Whenever I start an army I usually have a clear idea of colour scheme and style but this time was a struggle. It was really tempting to just copy gw's red colour scheme but I really don't like doing that so after many hours of googling and knashing of teeth I decided to pick yellow!!

Picking one of the hardest colours to paint doesn't come without problems but this is one army I wanted to do really well. 

So here's my first attempt.

 I've built the scenic base from an old crisis suit and used games workshops Martian earth technical paint which is really amazing stuff

That's it for now. Will be posting some more wip pics of my skitarii over the next few weeks.

Hope you like them...