Thursday, 10 March 2016

Repainting x-wing models

x-wing repaints..

x wing is my new favorite game and while I started with Imperials I have recently started playing scum and villainy,

From the first scum ship that I bought something has always been in the back of my mind and that's the colour scheme of the various ships, Now with Imperials and Rebels they come with the scheme from the movies so its pretty fixed in my mind that they are the "proper" colour but with these new ships it seems a great opportunity to give them a uniform colour scheme.

With that in mind I thought where do I start? I don't want to ruin a ship that I use often with a bad paint job so which ship to use?...  

..enter the beautiful, much maligned and rarely used Starviper! (otherwise known as the imperial interceptor upgrade pack).

not only is this little used ship very pretty it also has a nice size and shape that will be easy to paint so here goes..

I painted the whole ship except for the weapons Vallejo fire red, I use model air as it is pre-thinned so coats very well but does require multiple coats.

..I then painted the guns, pipework and wing tips Vallejo gunmetal. The black windows and panels were repainted with GW Abaddon black and a couple of panels were painted a couple of thin coats of Yriel yellow.

Note... I will probably use a darker yellow like Averland sunset on any yellow parts next time as I intend to repaint the panels Yriel the darker base colour usually works better as an undercoat to Yriel.

I then gave the whole model a healthy coat of agrax earthshade.

I then highlighted the black panels with codex grey and repainted the open red and yellow areas ensuring to avoid the lines and dotted the lights with moot green. I also painted the raised areas on the guns with leadbelcher. 

...I then highlighted all the red panels and edges with wild rider red and used a sponge to dapple the whole model with I tiny amount of leadbelcher. I then used a fine brush to add scrapes and scratches with more leadbelcher. 

That's all for now 

I think next time I will slightly change the order of painting and also use a darker yellow as a base before painting the tried yellow but apart from that I'm quite happy. 

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