Monday, 7 March 2016

Skitarii painting project. Skitarii vanguard

I've decided to post a stage by stage guide to how I paint my skitarii vanguard

I start with a white undercoat and then give the trenchcoat areas a light spray of Vallejo yellow.

I then paint the leggings red and the inside of the trenchcoat bone

All the metallic areas, gun bits, pipes and tubes are then painted leadbelcher. I then paint the gun stock mournfang brown. some areas of armour pipes and the gun are painted hashut bronze. I then paint the "energy" areas of the gun pieces lothern blue.

I give the whole model a healthy wash of agrax earth shade..

I paint all the raised areas of the model with the same base colours ensuring to leave the darker cracks and crevices unpainted. I paint the raised areas of the cloak yuriel yellow.

I paint the base doombull brown

I then sponge the metal areas with doombull to dull them down and paint the admech symbol in the chest black and white and thickly coat the base with Martian ironearth..

The finished model..

Till next time...

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