Sunday, 6 March 2016

Skitarii project

Hello again, 

It's been a while since I posted as I've been busy with work, gaming and crashing head first into x-wing...

I haven't done any painting for a while and my terrain project is currently sitting in a box in the attic!! A pretty poor state of affairs but as usual winter is a quiet time for me and while attending PAW2016's 40k tournament in February the skitarii starter set caught my eye.

      Whenever I start an army I usually have a clear idea of colour scheme and style but this time was a struggle. It was really tempting to just copy gw's red colour scheme but I really don't like doing that so after many hours of googling and knashing of teeth I decided to pick yellow!!

Picking one of the hardest colours to paint doesn't come without problems but this is one army I wanted to do really well. 

So here's my first attempt.

 I've built the scenic base from an old crisis suit and used games workshops Martian earth technical paint which is really amazing stuff

That's it for now. Will be posting some more wip pics of my skitarii over the next few weeks.

Hope you like them...

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